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Helping Children to Build a Relationship with God:

Book Format: Square 8.5 x 8.5, Paper-Back, Full Colour Illustrations, 24 pages

Category: Children's Books, Bible Stories, Christian, Picture Story Books
Author & Illustrator: Marsha L. Achene


God's Big Clean up! This story introduces Noah to children of all ages. It teaches how obedience to God, saves Noah, his family and all the animals.
Follow Noah and all the animals in the ark, as they make the amazing journey, through God's BIG Clean Up!


Amazon Feedback Excerpt:

"A beautiful children's book that is easy to follow, it's informative and fun, with bright colour pages.
I love the little quoted prayers throughout the book along with the educational games.

God's BIG Clean Up (The Story of Noah and the Ark)

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